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Ryan Zinke Cover Up Continues: Hiding Military Records By Mud-Slinging

(Helena, MT) - Former Super PAC chairman Ryan Zinke continues to cover up a 1999 fitness report, the Navy’s version of an employee performance evaluation, that one of his former SEAL commander’s claims is a blemish on his record. Zinke formed a super PAC that is now benefitting his campaign based solely on being a former Navy SEAL. Instead of highlighting his legislative record, his campaign has been almost completely focused on a military record that is hidden from the public.

Congressman Daines Fails to Tell Truth in Billings Senate Debate

Congressman Steve Daines once again tried to pull the wool over Montana voter's eyes, failing to tell the truth about his voting record in Washington.

Zinke Cooks the Books to Raise Fundraising Numbers

(Helena, MT) - Last night, former super PAC chairman Ryan Zinke announced his quarterly fundraising numbers and Montanans could smell something fishy going on.

Zinke Throws Montana Students, Teachers Under the Bus

(Helena, MT) – While Montana educators gather in Missoula today to discuss the future of Montana students and public schools, Ryan Zinke has shown he will work against Montana’s students and teachers.

Montanans to Congressman Daines: YOU CUT EBOLA FUNDING!?

Congressman Daines was recently featured in an advertisement that calls attention to Republican cuts to scientific research and disease preparedness as a point of concern for American’s.

Architect of Iraq War Headlines Top Secret Event to Rescue Zinke’s Floundering Campaign

(Helena, MT) – After failing to do what Republican candidates for U.S. House in Montana have done for the past 14 years (earn the endorsement of the Billings Gazette) - former super PAC chairman Ryan Zinke continues his desperate attempt to excite an unenthusiastic base by bringing in out-of-state dark money friends to bail him out.

Daines Standing in the Way of Equal Pay for Montana Women

(Helena, MT)—Congressman Steve Daines continues to dance, dodge, and do just about anything to avoid telling Montana women that he opposes them receiving equal pay for equal work.

Montana Democrats: "Why is Zinke Hiding from Record as State Senator"

(Helena, MT)—During his campaign, former super PAC chairman Ryan Zinke has suspiciously left out an important piece of his background - his legislative voting record.

The Truth About Zinke’s Record: More Drones, Less Privacy, Less Access to Public Lands

(Helena, Mont.)--Fresh documents reveal former super-PAC chairman, Ryan Zinke has a record of trying to increase surveillance of private citizens by drones while closing off public lands.

Congressman Daines Pushes Anti-Women Agenda

Amanda Curtis Rallies to Protect Women’s Heath, Equal Pay for Equal Work


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