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GOP vs GOP, the latest weapon: Leaflets!

HELENA -- The Montana GOP infighting has gotten worse. This week, a dark money group called The Montana Association of Conservatives sent leaflets to state legislators bashing some representatives for what they called throwing “away their 'conservative' principles to advance liberal ideology.”

Chairman Essmann throws gas on the GOP infighting fire

This weekend the Helena Independent Record reported that several Montana Republican leaders are "skewering" their own colleagues, and now it seems the newly elected GOP Chairman, Jeff Essmann, is making the situation worse.

Montana GOP’s new BFF: Rep. Louie Gohmert

The Montana Republican Party, Senator Steve Daines, Congressman Ryan Zinke and gubernatorial candidates Greg Gianforte and Brad Johnson have a new best friend: Representative Louie Gohmert from Texas. Gohmert, who accepted Congressman Zinke’s invitation, will be a featured speaker at the 2015 GOP convention.

Clips Round Up: Gianforte Can't Hide from His Narrow Agenda

Over the last few weeks, billionaire Greg Gianforte used his brand new organization to kick off a statewide tour in a desperate attempt to reinvent himself before his inevitable run for governor, but his narrow agenda caught up with him, causing him to stumble out of the gate.

In Butte Today, Gianforte to Push Extreme Agenda on Montanans

Montana Democrats: ‘Gianforte’s social agenda would hurt job growth in Montana’

Extreme wing of GOP denies jobs, axes fixes to crumbling infrastructure

Despite overwhelming compromise between Democrats and Republicans, the extreme wing of Republican Party voted down SB416, a bipartisan bill investing in critical Montana infrastructure.

Zinke sidelines women and minority-owned small businesses

Despite broad bipartisan support, Representative Ryan Zinke shut out Montana’s women-owned and native-owned small businesses from having a voice at the table.

Emails reveal Gianforte's belief that discrimination is good for businesses

Gianforte asked officials to support discrimination in Bozeman, National Journal reports

Montana Democratic Party Announces Nancy Keenan as Executive Director

The Montana Democratic Party is pleased to announce and welcome Montana-native Nancy Keenan as the new executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. Keenan comes to the Montana Democratic Party with nearly three decades of experience in Montana and national politics.


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