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Where Montana’s Congressional delegation stands on oil subsidies

Helena, MT -- In light of record deficits and rising gas prices, massive subsidies for big oil companies are falling under Congressional scrutiny.

The nation’s biggest oil companies—Exxon Mobile, Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Chevron and Conoco Phillips—receive about $2 billion a year in taxpayer-funded subsidies despite rising profits  [Christian Science Monitor, 5/10/11].

Montana Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester are looking to end the subsidies as a responsible way to ensure big corporations are carrying their responsibility toward reducing the debt. Congressman Rehberg has already voted against a measure that would end giveaways for big oil. 

“Ending unnecessary oil subsidies makes sure big corporations live up to their responsibility to help pay down the debt,” said Ted Dick, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. “We need to keep people working to produce domestic energy, and make sure that big oil companies play a responsible role in tackling our debt challenges.”

Congressman Rehberg leaves Montana, returns to subsidies for his old friends in Big Oil

Millionaire Congressman holds fast to campaign contributors, despite telling Montanans that ‘everything is on the table’

Helena, MT -- Two weeks ago, Congressman Dennis Rehberg attended a fundraiser hosted by a BP executive and other big oil interests on the anniversary of the disastrous BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico [Roll Call, 4/21/11].

Yesterday, Congressman Rehberg voted against ending giveaways for big oil [Roll Call Vote #293, 5/5/11]. This vote comes in spite of promising Montanans last week that ending subsidies for oil companies “is on the table”.

Congressman Rehberg's 'Cash Poor' Comments Reveal a Deeper Problem

Helena, MT -- On April 29th of this year, Congressman Dennis Rehberg--the 23rd richest member of Congress--told constituents at the Missoula City Club that he’s ‘cash poor’ and 'struggling like everyone else.' [CQ Roll Call, 5/1/11] Congressman Rehberg is estimated to be worth between $6.5 million and $56 million, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.
Congressman Rehberg’s inability to understand how his lifestyle differs from the reality most Montanans face reveals a deeper problem – he doesn’t represent working Montanans.
This misunderstanding has come to life in Congressman Rehberg’s recent comments (or lack thereof) about the Montana minimum wage, Pell Grants, Medicaid, and Medicare.
If Congressman Rehberg can’t understand how most Montanans get by, then his ability to create responsible economic policies that work for the middle class must be questioned.

Understanding Congressman Rehberg's claims that he's 'land rich', 'cash poor' and 'struggling like everyone else'

Last week millionaire Congressman Rehberg told the Montana City Club that he’s ‘land rich, ‘cash poor’, and ‘struggling like everyone else’. Congressman Rehberg is estimated to be worth between $6.5 million and $56 million, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, so his claims are confusing at best.

To help make sense of millionaire Congressman Rehberg’s assertions that he’s ‘land rich’, ‘cash poor’, and ‘struggling like everyone else’, here’s a glossary of terms to help decode his comments to constituents last week:

‘Land Rich’
Congressman Rehberg means that he owns the Billings Rims. Rehberg has said, "I have the joy and the heartache of owning the first ranch outside the city of Billings. I actually own the rims all over the city. So when you're driving up Shiloh Road, you are looking at my Rims."

Millionaire Congressman Rehberg compares Pell Grants to welfare... again

After voting to gut Pell Grants, Rehberg now claims he's working hard to save them -- but has nothing to show for it

Helena, MT - Millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg today compared Pell Grants to welfare yet again today, but students and hardworking families across Montana still aren't buying his out-of-touch explanation.

Last month, after voting to gut Pell Grants altogether, Rehberg called Pell Grants the "welfare of the 21st Century."  After angering Montanans across the state, he's now trying to tell us that he's "working so hard" to keep Pell Grants.

Montana’s Millionaire Congressman Rehberg says he’s ‘cash poor’

Congressman Rehberg’s millions contradict his claim that he's 'struggling to get by'

Helena, MT -- Montana’s millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg is trying to convince Montanans that he’s “cash poor,” but his millions of dollars say otherwise.
Rehberg told a crowd in Missoula Thursday that he is “struggling like everyone else”. Here is a link to the video of Rehberg’s comments.
“Congressman Rehberg 's biggest struggle is understanding the reality that regular Montanans face every day,” said Ted Dick, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. “His belief that inheriting millions amounts to 'struggling' explains why he's so out of touch with Montana that he wants to cut access to cancer screenings, and why he thinks Pell Grants are welfare. Congressman Rehberg has obviously been rubbing elbows with DC lobbyists for far too long.”

Where does Dennis Rehberg stand on debit card swipe fee issue?

Despite political attack, millionaire Congressman has yet to explain his position to Montanans

Helena, MT - Ted Dick, the executive director of the Montana Democratic Party, today released the following statement in response to the Montana Republican Party’s so-called “report” about debit card swipe fees and Senator Jon Tester’s bipartisan leadership in protecting Montana small businesses and consumers:

    “Now that Dennis Rehberg has finally jumped into this important issue, it’s time for him to explain to Montanans whose side he is on.  Either he’s with Jon Tester on the side of rural America and its small business, or he’s with big corporations and the secret ad campaign that’s smearing Jon Tester over the radio waves.  For now, his vote is for sale to the highest bidder.

Millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg greets Tax Day with no fear

Millionaires, Big Business come out ahead on Tax Day thanks to a decade of giveaways from Congressman Rehberg

Helena, MT – Thousands of middle class Montanans today are scrambling to file their taxes under a code that lets big corporations and the super-rich off the hook, thanks to a decade of irresponsible giveaways from Montana’s millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg.

“Congressman Rehberg might be the only person in Montana who doesn’t dread Tax Day,” said Ted Dick, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. “For ten years in Washington D.C., Congressman Rehberg has used his office to give himself big tax breaks and pay off his benefactors with huge giveaways. For Montana’s millionaire Congressman, Tax Day is a just another day off from his responsibility to the people of Montana.”

One of the richest members of Congress, Rehberg has voted for a number of big tax breaks for his fellow millionaires, creating a net gain for Congressman Rehberg’s bottom line.

Rehberg claims 'not enough time' to read budget after admitting he never read it

Helena, MT -- After ten days of praising and not reading the budget proposal by House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, R-WI, millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg voted against it today. This vote follows Congressman Rehberg’s vote yesterday against a bi-partisan compromise budget.

Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Ted Dick released this statement in response to Congressman Rehberg's vote:

    "Congressman Rehberg says he's wants budget solutions, but his 'none of the above' strategy won't fix the problem.  Montanans deserve responsible, clear-headed leadership in Washington DC, not career politicians who change their minds to suit their interests. Congressman Rehberg needs to stop playing DC games with the Montana seniors who expect their leaders to put them first."

April 5 - Rehberg praises the Ryan budget: "A fresh set of ideas were brought to the table today." [Rehberg Press Release, 4/5/11]

Rehberg Votes Against Bipartisan Plan to Delist Wolves

Millionaire Congressman rejects responsible solution to Montana’s wolf challenges, federal budget

Helena, MT -- Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Ted Dick released the following statement today in response to Congressman’s vote against a bipartisan budget agreement, which included a provision pushed by Montana Senators Jon Tester and Max Baucus to remove wolves from the Endangered Species List and return their management to the State of Montana:

    “Today Congressman Rehberg showed us yet again that he is more interested in saving his own skin than voting to do what's best for Montana.  Instead of making responsible decisions and working together to get things done, he would rather be a part of the partisan political insanity that has consumed his ability to do anything effective.  Montanans don't need another extremist politician screwing things up for them.  We all deserve better."

Link to Congressman Rehberg’s roll call vote:


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