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Congressman Rehberg Doesn't Know Montana's Minimum Wage

Montana's millionaire Congressman is clueless about life for Montana working families

Rehberg Protects Infamous 'Bridge to Nowhere', Tester Targets Wasteful Rehberg-Era Earmark

Tester looks to cut spending to pay down debt, while Rehberg can't step away from the government trough

Helena, Mont. – Congressman Dennis Rehberg continued his long history of excessive government spending with a vote against ending authorization of federal funding for Alaska’s “Bridge to Nowhere” this week [H.R. 662, Vote #159, 3/02/11]. Ending funding for the bridge would have saved $183 million for education and public safety, but instead Rehbeg voted to defend the notorious pork project in Alaska.

Ted Dick, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party, had this to say in response to Congressman Rehberg’s defense of the Bridge to Nowhere:

Montanans furious over unpopular Rehberg decision to cut Flathead Community Health Center

Montana’s millionaire Congressman solely responsible for cuts to Montana jobs, quality health care

Rehberg "Sovereignty" Bill Mirrors Extremist Rhetoric at Legislature

Helena, Mont. –  Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Ted Dick Released this statement today in response to Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s “Land Sovereignty” bill:

“After a year of trying to scare Montanans with nothing to show for it, Congressman Rehberg is trying to keep this story alive to distract attention away from a jobs plan he doesn’t have. “

“Congressman Rehberg’s 'sovereignty' rhetoric is eerily similar to 'nullification' talk at the state legislature. Montanans won’t be fooled into thinking that Rehberg and his fellow extremists at the legislature are focusing on what really matters – creating jobs and moving our state forward.”

Congressman Rehberg votes for Big Oil companies, against cutting deficit by $53 billion

Self-serving congressman refused plan to save $53 billion by closing oil loopholes, took $300,000 from oil companies

Helena, Mont. – Millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg hopes Montanans will quickly forget his recent vote AGAINST a plan that would have saved taxpayers $53 billion.

While trying to talk the talk about saving money, Rehberg on February 18 actually voted against an amendment to close a loophole that currently allows oil companies to drill in the Gulf of Mexico without paying for royalties [HR 1, House Roll Call Vote #109, 2/18/11; New Orleans Times-Picayune, 2/18/11].  The non-partisan Government Accountability Office estimates closing the loophole would save up to $53 billion over 25 years.

Why did Rehberg vote against saving taxpayers money?  Maybe it's because over the course of his career as a professional politician, Rehberg has received $291,151 in campaign contributions from the same oil and gas industry [Center for Responsive Politics, Accessed 2/28/11].

Rehberg Jobless Tour Continues

Another day on the jobless tour, more apologies for layoffs from Congressman Rehberg

Helena, Mont. – To kick off his jobless tour, Congressman Rehberg voted last week to lay off senior services providers in Missoula, and now he’s apologizing for votes that could cost more jobs for weather and health care workers.

Ted Dick, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party, had this to say about Congressman Rehberg’s jobless tour:

“If Congressman Rehberg is going to use this tour to apologize for layoffs, maybe he should cut it short. He might think these photo opportunities will help his campaign, but he's not doing anything to help create jobs in Montana.”

Montana’s Millionaire Congressman Tours Jobs he didn’t Create

Rehberg ‘jobs tour’ follows his vote to take away jobs from Montana caregivers

Helena, Mont. – Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Ted Dick today released this statement in response to Congressman Dennis Rehberg's jobs tour of Montana:

“Congressman Rehberg ‘s ‘jobs tour’ comes one week after he voted to lay people off right here in our state. This tour is classic Rehberg – he votes against Montana, and then he comes to Montana to take credit for something he didn’t do.

“The only Montana job Congressman Rehberg is concerned with is his own. One week of grandstanding for the cameras isn’t going to reverse the twelve years he spent in Washington DC failing to create jobs.

Montana Democratic Party Statement in Support of the Rally to Save Public Services and Education

Helena, Mont. – Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Ted Dick today released this statement in support of the Presidents Day Rally for Public Services and Education:

“We are proud to support the hardworking men and women that have come to the State Capitol to defend their jobs and services. They are saying what Montanans across the state are thinking – creating jobs is this Legislature's top priority."

"Unfortunately, Republicans have ignored Montanans’ calls to create jobs since day one of this Legislative session, but they've done everything they can to regulate our private lives. Republicans could learn a lesson from today’s events -- stop wasting Montana’s time and money, and start listening and working together to create jobs.”

DennisCare Would Deny Health Coverage to Montanans, Raise Taxes and the Federal Deficit

Rehberg plan to gut health insurance reform exposes millionaire Congressman's hypocrisy

Helena, Mont. – Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Ted Dick released this statement today in response to Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s attempt to defund the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act:

“Under Congressman Rehberg's plan, Montana seniors and families will lose health care coverage and small businesses will see their taxes go up. The only thing 'DennisCare' will accomplish is to put insurance companies back in control of our health care system, and raise the federal deficit. “

“Rehberg is trying to have it both ways. He says he wants to keep part of health insurance reform, while he's trying to gut the entire package. He says "nobody" believes his plan will cost anything, while ignoring the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office's report that shows repeal would add $230 billion to the federal deficit." 

Why 55% of Americans oppose 'DennisCare'

MDP responds to millionaire Congressman's plan to defund health insurance reform

HELENA – Helena, Mont. Ted Dick, the executive director of the Montana Democratic Party, released the following statement in response to a new poll indicating that 55 percent of Americans oppose Congressman Dennis Rehberg's plan to defund the Affordable Care Act:

"If Dennis Rehberg listened, he'd understand why most Americans don't want to pull the plug on health insurance reform.  They know Congressman Rehberg's backwards plan would allow health insurance companies to write their own rules again.  DennisCare means Montanans would lose coverage if they get sick or have pre-existing conditions like pregnancy or asthma.  DennisCare will also add trillions of dollars to our national deficit and it will cost our country hundreds of thousands of jobs.  No wonder his plan is so unpopular."


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