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Rep. Rehberg Leads Tea Party Caucus in Hypocrisy

Helena, Mont.-- Congressman Denny Rehberg's hypocrisy on spending has been exposed again, this time by the National Journal and Citizens Against Government Waste, who found the Congressman leads the Congressional Tea Party Caucus in appropriations requests. The Congressional Tea Party Caucus, which claims to have sworn off earmarks, requested hundreds of appropriations in the latest fiscal years, which added more than $1 billion to the federal budget.

According to the National Journal, Rep. Rehberg "takes the prize as the Tea Partier with his name on the most earmarks." He requested funding for 88 projects, totaling more than $100 million in federal spending.

"Congressman Rehberg is playing fast and loose with the facts when it comes to earmarks. He rails against them when it's politically convenient, but he's first in line when it comes to a long record of spending," said Montana Democratic Party spokesperson, Mike Wessler. "This is a matter of hypocrisy on the part of the Congressman. He's playing a shell game to fool Montanans and he just got busted."

Broadcasters Stand Firm Against Rehberg Lawsuit

Officials with the Montana Broadcasters Association said Wednesday that news stations cannot refuse to air a campaign ad that’s come under fire from Denny Rehberg and his team of attorneys.

KULR-8 in Billings reported Wednesday that Montana Broadcasters President and CEO Greg MacDonald said stations cannot refuse to air the “Millionaire” ad since it “meets all of the standards required by law.”

“The only exception to that are should there be obscenity, should there be anything within the spot that incites an unlawful act, other than that the station is simply required by federal law to carry the spot,” Greg MacDonald told KULR-8.

Rehberg, who has long sought to end frivolous lawsuits, threatened to sue Montana news stations if they didn’t remove the ad, arguing that it contains false allegations.

Rehberg is also suing Billings firefighters, a fact the ad referred to.

That lawsuit, the Billings Gazette reported Wednesday, sits idle in Yellowstone County District Court nearly four months later.

Western Tradition Ignores Ruling; Attacks Dems

Last week’s ruling by the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices against Western Tradition Partnership did little to stop the organization from targeting Democrats locked in tight legislative races across the state.

On Tuesday, Western Tradition Partnership sent letters from Washington, D.C., to Montana communities attacking Democratic candidates while urging voters to elect their conservative opponents.

Signed by Don Ferguson, the group’s executive director, the letters again fail to include the attributes that led Commissioner Dennis Unsworth to rule that Western Tradition Partnership had violated campaign financial reporting and disclosure laws.

“Their suffocating, militant obstructionist policies have already driven up gas costs, electricity costs, and ultimately higher taxes for every Montana citizen resulting in an untold number of lost jobs,” the letter reads at one point.

The three-page letter, dated “Tuesday morning,” comes one week after Unsworth ruled that a civil penalty was warranted for the violations described in his ruling.

Jake Eaton Questionable Choice As GOP Treasurer

The Montana Democratic Party questioned Tuesday the appointment of a former Republican leader who was embroiled in a scandalous attempt to suppress voter turnout just two years ago to serve as the treasurer of its troubled campaign committee.

The GOP announced this morning it has appointed Jake Eaton, former executive director of the Montana Republican Party, to replace former campaign committee treasurer Gary MacLaren.

MacLaren resigned last week over the Republican Legislative Campaign Committee’s negative attacks on Democratic legislative candidates.

Two years ago, Eaton led a GOP effort to challenge the registration of nearly 6,000 voters in Democratic-leaning counties in Montana. U.S. District Court Judge Donald Molloy later called it “political chicanery.”

“To replace someone who took an honorable stand against dirty campaign tactics with a guy like Eaton who attempted to suppress voter turnout is a questionable choice,” said Martin Kidston, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party. “In the very least, it speaks toward the lack of integrity within today’s Montana Republican Party.”

Rehberg's 'New Leaf' Will Hurt Montana

After reversing his stance on earmarks, Denny Rehberg will cross the state in a plush, gas-guzzling motor coach this week, explaining to voters why he deserves to be returned to Washington.

Rehberg Attacks McDonald On 'Judgement'

The Montana Republican Party released a television ad Tuesday on behalf of Denny Rehberg, questioning Dennis McDonald’s judgement during his tenure as an attorney.

“We honestly expected Rehberg to talk about his track record in Washington, but instead, he attacks McDonald on the topic of judgement,” said Martin Kidston, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party. “If they want to talk about judgement, let’s talk about Rehberg allowing his staff to ride with a drunken boater, or his lawsuit against Montana firefighters.”

Campaign finance reports show the Rehberg campaign contributed $125,000 to the Montana GOP. In turn, the Montana GOP gave $115,000 to “47 North Communications,” which is run by Rehberg's former state director Dustin Frost.

Frost was critically injured while riding with Rehberg in a boat last year on Flathead Lake. Upon his recovery, Frost left Rehberg’s office to begin 47 North Communications and received $115,000 from the GOP for television and advertising purposes.

Montana GOP Accepts Illegal Corporate Contributions

The Montana Republican Party broke campaign finance laws by accepting donations from at least two corporations, new reports show.
Pre-general campaign finance reports filed this week showed the Montana GOP accepted $200 from Sound Health Imaging, Inc., and $200 from Spirited Holdings, Inc.

The designation “Inc” suggests both entities are classified as a corporation.

Under state law (MCA 13-35-227), it’s illegal for state parties to accept funding from corporations.

“Both parties are working hard to raise money and advance their campaigns,” said Martin Kidston, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party. “But state laws were enacted to ensure everybody plays by the same rules, and this year, the Montana GOP strayed from those rules.”

Sound Health Imaging is listed as a Clancy company while Spirited Holdings is listed with a Bozeman address. The contributions are dated Sept. 9, 2010, and were included in the latest round of pre-general campaign reports.

Montana Dems Wrap Up JOBS Tour

Democratic candidates, legislators and party leaders traveled the state over the past few weeks meeting with business owners, their employees, educational leaders and students to gather new ideas for the 2011 Legislature.
Part of the Democratic Party's Job Opportunities & Business Strength (JOBS) Tour, the meetings sought new ways to create jobs and build upon Montana’s current economic foundation.
"Montana’s energy potential emerged as a common theme throughout the tour," said Martin Kidston, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party. "The potential for creating quality jobs through proper energy development is enormous."
During the tour, those in the business said such a homegrown approach to energy could bring down costs for Montana businesses. And that, they added, would allow them to expand.
Participants on the JOBS Tour also heard an expressed need to fund education and Montana's technical training facilities while retaining their graduates. Businesses often consider the quality of education and a trained workforce when considering a new location or expansion.

Montana Dems Dismiss Latest GOP Attack As Distraction From Real Issues

The Montana Democratic Party dismissed a Republican attack over a fundraising event held at the Governor’s residence as an attempt to distract voters just days before the General Election.

The Montana GOP suggested that a fundraising event held Monday evening for Democratic candidate Kendall Van Dyk was in violation of state ethics laws.

However, the executive residence is the governor’s home, and, by law, the governor is entitled to use the home for candidate receptions.

Gov. Marc Racicot, a Republican, also held candidate fundraisers at the residence, including a 1996 event for now-congressman Denny Rehberg.

“This is another example of Republicans trying to distract Montana voters from the real issues,” said Democratic Party spokesman Martin Kidston in response to the GOP’s latest release. “They’d rather not talk about Roy Brown’s relationship with major insurers, or their party’s lack of ideas. So with just 13 days before Election Day, they’ve resorted to silly accusations.”

Someone's Not Telling The Truth

Someone’s not telling the truth.

The question is, is it Montana’s Rep. Denny Rehberg or Republican allie and Idaho Gov. Butch Otter?

Rehberg told a Safari Club International audience in Missoula last week that he likes what he described as Otter's plan to make Idaho a “sanctuary state,” where game wardens ignore the requirements of the Endangered Species Act as it relates to wolves.

Rehberg said he’s heard stories of Idaho game wardens visiting hunting camps and telling hunters that wolf regulations won’t be enforced in Idaho.

But Idaho officials denied any awareness of such a policy, which begs the question: who’s not telling the truth?

In recent months, Rehberg misled Montana voters with talk of “death panels” and federal land grabs, neither of which were true.


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