Voter Activation Network

VoteBuilder – The Voter Database

Also known as the VAN, the Voter Activation Network, the Voter File and by many other names over the years, VoteBuilder is the online voter database utilized by the Montana Democratic Party, the Democratic National Committee and Democrats around the country.

As a Democratic County Central Committee in Montana, you are able to appoint members of your Central Committee to receive access to this database.  The Montana Democratic Party encourages campaigns, candidates and County Central Committees to commit to helping improve the information available through VoteBuilder.  We especially encourage County Central Committees, Campaigns, and Chartered Organizations to establish a list manager for for assisting and leading these types of projects.

VoteBuilder is a proven tool to help Democrats win, and can assist County Central Committees in working on a variety of projects including growing their organization, fundraising, electing Democrats, finding candidates, and identifying additional activists.

Contact the Montana Democratic Party today to learn more about how to access this database, and how to utilize the information and improve the information to help Democrats win!

On-Line VoteBuilder Trainings

In 2012, the Montana Democratic Party will also be offering on-line webinar trainings to help familiarize yourself with VoteBuilder whether it’s your first time using the database, or you could simply use a refresher course.  Contact us to find out when the next available 1-2 hour session will be scheduled.


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