County Committees

Central committees are the backbone of the Montana Democratic Party. They provide on-the-ground support to candidates throughout the state, and serve as the public face for the values that Democrats fight for. They are a great place to get involved in elections in your community, whether you're new to politics or a seasoned veteran.
If you don't see a central committee in your county, contact us to help get one started today! 
Please contact your county party official by clicking the links below.



Beaverhead County
Chair: Louise Bruce
Vice-Chair: Mike Mosolf

Big Horn County

Chair: Marian Bradley
Vice-Chair: Raymond Bradley


Blaine County

Chair: Nate Mount
Vice-Chair: Carol Elliot 

Broadwater County

Chair: Paul Putz
Vice-Chair: Pat McNeive

Carbon County

Chair: Mitzi Vorachek

Cascade County

Chair: Carl J. Donovan
Vice-Chair: Cheryl Ulmer

Chouteau County

Co-Chair: Gar Wood
Co-Chair: Vivian Wood

Custer County

Co-Chair: Sharon Kearnes
Co-Chair: Toni Gaglia
Vice-Chair: Morgan Pett

Dawson County

Chair: Mike Ruddy

Fallon County

Chair: Maxine Rost
Vice-Chair: Drury Phebus

Flathead County

Chair: Lynn Stanley
Vice-Chair: Dave Fern

Gallatin County

Chair: Bob Hawks
Vice-Chair: Elizabeth Marum

Hill County

Chair: Brenda Skornogoski
Vice-Chair: Jacob Bachmeier

Jefferson County

Chair: Leslie Thomas
Vice-Chair: Duane Catlett

Lake County

Chair: Craig McClure
Vice-Chair: Linda Greenwood

Lewis & Clark County

Chair: Sandi Curriero
Vice-Chair: Gary Spaeth

Liberty County

Chair: Gus Robert Laas
Vice-Chair: Rose Campbell

Lincoln County

Chair: Chuck Racicot
Vice-Chair: Krissy Ellwood

Missoula County

Chair: Dave Kendall
Vice-Chair: Mary Grey

Park County

Chair: Dirk Adams
Vice-Chair: Miki Adams

Pondera County

Chair: Stephanie Keil-Harris
Vice-Chair: Gary Olsen

Ravalli County

Chair: Jan Abel
Vice-Chair: Bill Peters

Rosebud County

Chair: Marvin Quinlan Jr.
Vice-Chair: Jean Lemire Dahlman

Sanders County

Chair: Mark Sheets
Vice-Chair: Martha Humphreys

Silverbow County

Chair: Rocky Clark
Vice-Chair: Amanda Curtis

Teton County

Chair: Barnett Sporkin-Morrison
Vice-Chair: Mary Sexton

Treasure County

Chair: Louise Davis
Vice-Chair: Gary Perkins

Yellowstone County

Chair: Kelly McCarthy
Vice-Chair: Rebecca Reidl

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