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ICYMI: Rehberg Promises More Federal Spending, After Saying he Wants Smaller Government (Again)

Montana’s millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg is caught up on the Washington DC confusion about government spending. He's trying to have it both ways -- saying he wants to reduce government spending, while promising MORE government spending.
In an interview with KULR on August 2 Congressman Rehberg said,

“I think government is the problem.  And we need to get it out of our lives.  We want our freedoms back.  And we want to have the American dream.  We need less of the federal government intruding.”

One week later, Congressman Rehberg promised to spend federal government money on a Big Horn County irrigation project: 

"Congress is reluctant to pencil in funding for such programs moving forward because what gets budgeted usually gets spent. However if the need for funding arises, Rehberg said Congress would cover the need with a special appropriation." [Billings Gazette, 8/9/11].

A special appropriation is another way to say "earmark," which Dennis Rehberg decided to be against after earning the title "Tea Partier with his name on the most earmarks."
So which is it, Congressman Rehberg – “get government out of our lives” or invest in irrigation projects?

Given Congressman Rehberg's lack of accomplishments after ten long years in Washington DC, he isn't likely to deliver results on either front.