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Koch Brothers Tour Rubber Stamps Rehberg-Republican Agenda: Shadowy millionaires share a vision with Montana's millionaire Congressman, Republican legislators

The Koch brothers-funded Americans for Prosperity are touring Montana with a message we've already heard from Congressman Dennis Rehberg and his followers in the legislature – protect tax loopholes for the most powerful corporations in the world to privatize Social Security and other services.

Americans for Prosperity have given Congressman Rehberg a 90/100 rating.  Former Republican Legislator Scott Sales is the organization's State Director for Montana

Here’s more background on the eerie similarities between the Koch brothers, Republican legislators and Congressman Rehberg:

Tax Loopholes for the Most Powerful
REHBERG:  Supported Enron-Style Offshore Tax Loopholes -- In 2002, Rehberg voted against an amendment to stop corporations from re-incorporating in offshore tax havens, such as Bermuda, to create shell corporations as a way to avoid paying U.S. taxes.  The amendment was defeated 186-192.  [HR 4931, Vote #247, 6/21/02]

LEGISLATIVE REPUBLICANS:  Protected Offshore Tax-Havens -- Republicans in the 2011 legislature killed a bill that would change how national and international corporations' taxable income is apportioned in Montana. Currently, many of these corporations avoid paying their fair share of taxes in the state by establishing overseas tax havens. This bill would have stopped this practice [SB 94].

KOCH:  Americans for Prosperity Called Effort to End Tax Breaks for Outsourcing a “Bailout” and Opposed Previous Efforts to End Tax Breaks for Outsourcing -- Americans for Prosperity called an effort to fund kids’ education by ending tax breaks for companies who ship Americans jobs overseas. AFP also opposed an effort to close tax loopholes that encourage outsourcing of Americans jobs. [AFP, 8/4/10; AFP, 6/24/10]

Privatizing Social Security
REHBERG: Opposed Efforts to Block Bush Privatization Plan, With “Massive Cuts in Defined Benefits”  In 2001, Rehberg voted against an amendment that would have stopped the White House from implementing the Social Security privatization plan being developed by President Bush’s Social Security Commission.  The amendment was defeated 188-238. [HR 2590, Vote #273, 7/25/01]

LEGISLATIVE REPUBLICANS: Opposed a resolution against the privatization of Social Security. [HJ 16]

KOCH:  Americans for Prosperity Advocates for Privatization of Social Security. Americans for Prosperity has long advocated privatization of Social Security. According to Americans for Prosperity, "Personal accounts would allow millions of younger workers to have part of their Social Security taxes automatically invested in secure, diversified bond funds and stock funds, similar to what many workers already do with 401(k) plans and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)." [Americans for Prosperity, 6/6/05]

Gutting Children's Health Insurance
REHBERG:  Congressman Rehberg Opposed Expansion of Children’s Health Insurance -- Congressman Rehberg voted against the expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), calling it an "extreme political ideology." The expansion of the program would provide health insurance to an additional 6 million children. [Helena IR, 8/3/07]

LEGISLATIVE REPUBLICANS: Supported Cuts to the Voter-Approved Healthy Montana Kids Program -- Legislative Republicans approved a funding scheme that would have drastically cut resources for the Healthy Montana Kids program and taken funds from the tobacco prevention fund. [HB 633]

KOCH:  Americans for Prosperity Opposed Expansion Of Children’s Health Insurance. In 2007, Americans for Prosperity opposed legislation to expand children’s health insurance to cover millions of additional kids. The legislation would have provided funding to boost enrollment to 10 million children, up from 6.6 million. [Americans for Prosperity Release, 10/18/07, 7/30/07]