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Montana Democrats Announce New Fundraiser & MDLCC Director for 2012 Elections

Helena, Mont.-- Today, the Montana Democratic Party and the Montana Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (MDLCC) took another step forward to prepare for the historic 2012 elections by adding new staff that will work to elect Democratic legislators in 2012.

The MDLCC, which elects Democrats to the state legislature, hired Lauren Caldwell as director for the 2012 elections. Lauren will recruit candidates, fund-raise and execute campaign plans throughout the state. She has worked on agricultural, environmental, nonprofit and political issues throughout the state. Most recently, she served as a field representative for Sen. Baucus, covering public land issues.

Of her new position, Lauren said, "Republicans legislators are following an ideology that is just too extreme for Montana. I'm excited to elect responsible Democratic leadership that focuses on the right priorities -- creating jobs and moving our state forward."

The Montana Democratic Party hired Jodi Medlar as their new fundraising director. Jodi previously worked for the party as their fundraiser from 1999-2005, during which she helped take back control of the legislature and elect a Democratic governor.

Jodi said of her return to the Party, "I'm thrilled to be working for the Democratic Party once again, especially at this time. We have already seen huge amounts of money poured into this state by shady out-of-state organizations. I look forward to ensuring that the voices of everyday Montanans aren't drowned out by these groups."

Ted Dick, the Director of the Montana Democratic Party, said the following of these hires, "The 2012 elections are going to be huge, and we need a team that is up to the work ahead of us. Lauren and Jodi are an important part of that team that will help us elect Democratic majorities in the legislature, another Democratic Governor, and re-elect Jon Tester to the United State Senate."