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UPDATE: Rehberg Ignores 'Human Element' in Health Center Decisions

Montana’s millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg said this week that he visits health centers because "It really attaches a human element to the decisions I have to make"  [Montana Standard, 8/23/11]. But what has Congressman Rehberg actually done for people who use Community Health Centers?

Here is what Congressman Rehberg did about health centers this year in a February vote:

  • Cut Community Health Centers by $1.3 billion [Bloomberg News, 2/9/11].
  • Voted to eliminate 750 health center jobs in Montana [Democrats.Senate.Gov Fact Sheet].
  • Overall, the vote would have forced 2.8 million Americans to lose primary care providers, and over 5,000 Americans to lose their jobs.  [U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations, Press Release, 2/15/11

This is the second time Congressman Rehberg has toured a facility he's tried to cut.  In Darby Rehberg expressed support for Job Corps, despite previously calling the program ‘ineffective’ and supporting a plan to close more than 80 out of 125 Job Corps centers across the country [Montana Standard, 3/3/11].

And if history is any indication, he'll do it again.