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Steve Bullock

Steve Bullock

Born in Missoula and raised in Helena, Steve Bullock believes that the leaders we elect and the decisions we make today will define the Montana that we live in now, and the Montana we pass on to our kids and grandkids.

Steve and his wife Lisa are raising their three kids in the same community they grew up in and teaching them the same values they were taught: to work hard, play by the rules and get the kind of education and job that will allow them to raise their families here, too.

As Attorney General, Steve works hard every day to make our state better for the next generation of Montanans. Since taking office, Steve has:

  • Put more cops on the street – and on the computers – preventing, investigating, arresting and prosecuting sex predators and those that abuse children.
  • Worked with law enforcement, doctors, pharmacists and educators to directly confront the invisible epidemic of prescription drug abuse – a contributing factor in the deaths of over 300 Montanans every year.
  • Worked with Governor Schweitzer and state legislators to forever preserve access to public lands and streams for hunting, fishing and hiking.
  • Cracked down on scam artists who prey on small businesses and Montana consumers.
  • Implemented monumental changes to the way we deal with repeat DUI offenders who cause carnage on our highways, burden our corrections system and cost taxpayers millions.

Steve believes Montana can:

  • create good paying jobs in research, technology, development and manufacturing and attract businesses to invest here,
  • lead the country in educational innovation, opportunity and achievement – and be a place where students are able to graduate college without tens of thousands of dollars of debt,
  • be a place that maintains its rural identity and where family farmers and ranchers can still survive,
  • responsibly develop our resources and lead the way to American energy independence and a clean energy future.

Steve attended public schools in Helena and graduated from Helena High School in 1984. He received his undergraduate degree from Claremont McKenna College and his law degree with honors from Columbia University Law School in New York.

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