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Rehberg Pretends to Support Breast Cancer Awareness While Voting to End Mammogram Coverage

Helena, MT - Congressman Denny Rehberg's hypocrisy spilled over into his Facebook and Twitter pages yesterday when he pledged his support for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  (Note: You must be a "fan" to see the Facebook post.)

But when he had the chance to combat breast cancer in a meaningful way, Rehberg voted to allow insurance companies to ignore Montana state law and deprive Montana women of the mammography benefit that makes a patient aware of breast cancer.

Rehberg voted for H.R. 525 , which authorizes insurance companies to disregard Montana's legal requirement that mammograms be covered, and has recently reiterated his support for allowing insurance companies to purchase insurance across state lines (therefore ignoring Montana laws that assure benefits).

“Montana’s women deserve better. They deserve a Congressman who will support their health with a vote in Washington, not just with a message on Twitter,” said Kate Downen, Spokeswoman for the Montana Democratic Party.

This is one of many times Congressman Rehberg has tried to take credit for things he voted against.  Most recently, Rehberg made several attempts to claim he understood the need for good-paying jobs in Montana, holding press conferences to take credit for recovery projects in Montana, even though he opposed the jobs and recovery measure.