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Rehberg Votes against Health Care Fix, Offers Zero Solutions

Rehberg offered no amendments, declined to join 52 co-sponsors of Republican alternative

 Helena – Without the support of Rep. Dennis Rehberg, the U.S. House took a major step towards overhauling America’s broken health care system today.

The House passed the Affordable Healthcare for America Act, the most dramatic expansion of health coverage in more than 40 years.  It would require individuals to buy health coverage and would create an individual insurance market to provide affordable policies for people who do not receive health benefits through their employers.

Rep. Rehberg voted no.

Despite repeated claims he is working on alternatives to the plan, Rehberg offered no amendments to the House bill, and was not among 52 co-sponsors of a bill he claims is a better alternative (“The Empowering Patients First Act”).

“Rep. Rehberg has plenty of time to attend hate-filled rallies and plot his next political campaign, but can’t seem to find even a few minutes to offer real solutions to our health care crisis,” said Kate Downen, spokeswoman for the Montana Democratic Party.  “If Dennis Rehberg would focus on the job he has, instead of the one he desperately wants, Montana might have another seat at the table in the health care discussion.”

After the House Plan was released, Rehberg attended a radical right-wing tea party rally on the steps of the U.S. Capitol and complained about the content and length of the bill using Twitter and Facebook, two social networking websites popular among teenagers.


REHBERG: Says he and other Republicans have been “jumping up and down,” trying to talk about their solutions to the health care crisis, but that the media won’t pay attention to them.  [KTVQ, 10/31/09]

TRUTH: Rehberg has only offered one “solution,” (at a Billings town hall on 10.31.09) in the form of the “Empowering Patients First Act.” Empowering Patients First has 52 co-sponsors, but Rep. Rehberg isn’t among them. [KTVQ, 10/31/09, U.S. House of Representatives, accessed 11/7/09]