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Statement from Montana Democratic Spokeswoman Kate Downen Regarding Dennis Rehberg’s Vote Today Against Estate Tax Relief and Legislation to Limit Government Spending

(Helena) – Today Rep. Dennis Rehberg voted against providing permanent estate tax relief to Montana family farmers and ranchers, and voted against tough new pay-as-you-go legislation (PAYGO) to limit government spending. Below are statements from Montana Democratic Party Spokeswoman Kate Downen on each issue.

 Statement regarding estate tax relief:

 “Dennis Rehberg proved today that Montana farmers and ranchers don’t have an advocate in the U.S. House. He voted against estate tax relief and stability for family farms and ranchers, burying his head in the sand when Montanans need his leadership the most.”

Statement regarding PAYGO:

“Rep. Rehberg’s vote today against limiting new spending shows a lack of leadership and common sense. He comes back to Montana and talks a big game about being a fiscal conservative, but he sure doesn’t act like one in Washington.”