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Rehberg votes to keep paying himself during government shutdown

Montana's millionaire Congressman willing to take a government check for not working

Helena, MT --Montana's millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg today voted against a measure that would stop pay for members of Congress in the event of a government shutdown.

Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Ted Dick released this statement in response to Rehberg's vote:

"Congressman Rehberg should listen to Montanans and follow Jon Tester's lead -- no Congressman should receive government pay if they want to shut down the government. Montana's millionaire Congressman could afford to go a few weeks without pay, but apparently he's willing to take a federal check even when he's not on the job."

A bill sponsored by Jon Tester that would stop Congressional paychecks during a government shutdown has already passed the Senate. [Reuters, 3/2/2011]

More background:

Rehberg Opposed Efforts to Prevent Congress and President From Receiving Paychecks During Government Shutdown. On April 1, 2011, Rehberg voted against the Motion to Recommit that would strike all of the provisions in the underlying legislation and insert a provision that would prohibit Members of Congress and the President from receiving basic pay for any period in which there is more than a 24-hour lapse in appropriations for any federal agency or department that results from failure to enact a regular appropriations bill or CR, or the federal government is unable to make payments or meet obligations because the public debt limit has been reached.  It would also prohibit Members of Congress and the President from receiving retroactive pay, which the Republican deem and pass bill does not account for [House Roll Call Vote #223, 4/1/11].
Tester Sponsored Legislation to Deny Pay to Members of Congress and President in Case of Government Shutdown. In March 2011, Senator Tester sponsored legislation that would prevent members of Congress and the President of the United States from getting paid if the U.S. government shuts down [Office of Senator Jon Tester, Press Release, 2/28/2011].
Senate Unanimously Passed Bill to Deny Pay to President and Members of Congress During Government Shutdown.  As reported by Reuters, “The Democratic-led Senate unanimously passed a bill on late Tuesday to deny pay to the president and U.S. lawmakers during government shutdowns. The measure now goes to the Republican-led House for final congressional approval, which would clear the way for Obama to sign it into law.” [Reuters, 3/2/2011].