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Breaking another promise, Rehberg votes on bill with no transparency

Millionaire congressman approves bill today after waiving his own 3-day pledge

Helena, MT -- In yet another broken promise to the people of Montana, millionaire congressman Dennis Rehberg today voted for a temporary spending bill that his party bosses rushed through the U.S. House of Representatives.
Rehberg late last year pledged to not vote on any legislation that has not been publicly available online for three full days.
Here is what Rehberg told Montanans during December 15, 2010 conference call:

    "We have committed and will promise to give 72 hours notice on the internet of any legislation before it is passed so that the people won't have this same kind of a situation where in the dead of night, in the eleventh hour, legislation is crafted that people don't even know what they are voting on. This is where the mistakes are made and we just, we want to run a different House of Representatives."

But yesterday, Rehberg and GOP members of the U.S. House of Representatives conveniently waived their own rule in order to rush through today’s temporary spending bill.
“This is yet another broken promise from Congressman Dennis Rehberg, who has a habit of changing the rules whenever it suits him,” said Ted Dick, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party.  “Dennis Rehberg is right.  Montanans deserve open, transparent government.  They deserve politics in the light of day.  And they deserve representatives who don’t say one thing while doing another on a daily basis.”