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Congressman Rehberg already missed the ‘REFUND’ boat

Millionaire Congressman still has no problem giving your tax money to fellow rich Americans
Helena, MT -- Congressman Rehberg is trying to tout his 'REFUND act' as a measure of fiscal responsibility. But it pales in comparison to the taxpayer money Congressman Rehberg is still giving to the nation's wealthiest oil companies.

Earlier this year, Congressman Rehberg’s extremist allies in the Montana state legislature attempted to send around $120 million (with an ‘m’) in federal resources for the state budget to another state.

However, Congressman Rehberg and his extremist allies in the US House of Representatives just voted against ending taxpayer-funded subsidies for his old friends in Big Oil that could have saved taxpayers 200-times more--about $20 billion (with a ‘b’) [Roll Call Vote #293, 5/5/11]. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Congressman Rehberg has accepted nearly $300,000 from his old friends in Big Oil over the course of his long career in Washington DC.

Bottom line: Congressman Rehberg still has no problem giving your hard-earned money to the multibillionaire oil executives who fund his political career.