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Where Congressman Rehberg Draws the Line on 'Welfare'

Not long before Montana’s Millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg voted against ending giveaways to Big Oil CEOs, he tried to revive old debates on 'welfare reform'.

Here’s a quick recap of where Congressman Rehberg draws the line on 'welfare':

WELFARE: Congressman Rehberg thinks job-creating Pell Grants are ‘welfare’ and wants to gut them. He's already tried to deny Montana $15 million (with an 'm') in Pell Grants.

NOT WELFARE: Congressman Rehberg thinks billions in unnecessary subsidies for Big Oil CEOs are NOT 'welfare', and wants to keep them in place. Ending the subsidies would have saved $20 billion (with a 'b').

Why does Congressman Rehberg hold Big Oil CEOs to a different standard than Montana students? Because his ‘longtime friends’ in Big Oil have given him nearly $300,000 over the course of his long career in Washington DC.