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Rehberg Patriot Act Votes Driven by Political Ambitions

Millionaire Congressman switches his vote AGAIN since announcing Senate run

Helena, MT -- Millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s vote yesterday against the Patriot Act comes after years of support for the bill. In fact, Congresman Rehberg's support for the Patriot Act flipped for the first time just two days after announcing his run for Senate.

Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Ted Dick released the following statement in response to Congressman Rehberg’s politically motivated change of heart:

    “Congressman Rehberg has been out of touch with Montana about the Patriot Act for years, and his epiphany came when he wished to advance his career. Now that he wants to run for Senate, Congressman Rehber wants to erase his votes of support for the Patriot Act. The only individual Congressman Rehberg is trying to protect with this vote is himself.”

A brief history of Congressman Rehberg’s changing position on the Patriot Act:

2001-2006: Congressman Rehberg votes consistently for the Patriot Act. [HR 2975, Vote 386, 10/12/01; HR 3162, Vote 398, 10/24/01; HR 3199, Vote 414, 07/21/05; HR 3199, Vote 627, 12/14/05; S 2271, Vote 20, 03/07/06]


  • Congressman Rehberg announces bid for US Senate: February 6, 2011 [Roll Call, 2/8/11].
  • Congressman Rehberg changed position, voted against extension of the Patriot Act: February 8, 2011.  [HR 514, House Roll Call Vote #26, 2/8/11]
  • Congressman Rehberg changed position AGAIN, voted to advance bill extending Patriot Act: February 10, 2011. [HR 514, House Roll Call Vote #29, 2/10/11]
  • Congressman Rehberg changed position YET AGAIN, opposed extension of Patriot Act: February 14, 2011.  [HR 514, House Roll Call Vote #36, 2/14/11]
  • Congressman Rehberg voted against requiring Patriot Act to be in compliance with the Constitution: February 14, 2011 [HR 514, House Roll Call Vote #35, 2/14/11].