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Rehberg Would Strip Health Care Services from Libby Asbestos Victims

Baucus, Tester support new medical services for victims, but Rehberg's plan would take them away

Helena, MT -- Today, as Senator Max Baucus announced that victims of the vermiculite mine disaster in Libby will begin getting additional asbestos-related health services under the Affordable Care Act, Montanans were reminded that their lone Congressman, Millionaire Dennis Rehberg, would strip asbestos victims of the same screening and care.

Ted Dick, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party, released the following statement about Congressman Rehberg's plan to end essential screening and treatment for victims of the Libby vermiculite mine disaster:

“Only one member of Montana’s Congressional delegation has tried to strip Libby asbestos victims of health care this year, and that’s Congressman Rehberg.  In his irresponsible push to score cheap political points, Congressman Rehberg puts treatment for Libby asbestos victims at risk.

If Congressman Rehberg were interested in protecting the people of Libby, he wouldn't try to take away their essential screening and treatment. Unfortunately, his push to defund health care for Libby victims and the rest of Montana is another example of Congressman Rehberg putting his political career ahead of his responsibility to Montana.”

Here’s what one Libby resident told the Daily Interlake about Congressman Rehberg's plan to strip health benefits from Libby residents last March:

“If Representative Rehberg came to Libby more often, visited the CARD clinic, talked to the victims and saw their extensive medical needs and how debilitating this disease is, he wouldn’t be pushing for defunding it at the expense of the health of the people of Montana.”