Zinke's campaign calls Trump's sexual assault remarks "locker room talk"

HELENA -- Every day more Republicans are running away from Donald Trump after the revelation of his comments bragging about sexual assault. Except, of course, for Congressman Ryan Zinke.

Instead of listening to Montanans and withdrawing his endorsement of Trump, Congressman Zinke excused Trump's remarks and is now trying to benefit from them for his campaign.


Zinke's personal political action committee, SEAL PAC, sent an email to supporters excusing Trump's comments simply as "locker room talk."

Meanwhile, Montanans gathered across the state yesterday to call Congressman Zinke out for continuing to support Trump and his disgusting statements on women.

In Helena, Missoula, Great Falls and Billings, crowds of Montanans gathered Tuesday in front of Congressman Zinke’s offices to call him out for continuing to stand by Donald Trump.

“We had no choice but to be here, essentially,” said Jules Schindel in Great Falls. “We can’t have our representative supporting rape culture.”

“This isn’t locker room talk. This is encouraging sexual assault. I’m stunned and shocked that Congressman Zinke would try to downplay Donald Trump’s comments in a way that demeans and demoralizes women,” said Nancy Keenan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Since Congressman Zinke won’t denounce Trump and withdraw his support, it’s time Montanans withdraw their support of Congressman Zinke.”


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