Zinke should be ashamed of Trump


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 As Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump continues to belittle and bemoan one of America’s Gold Star families, Congressman Ryan Zinke’s silence on the matter is deafening.

 “You’d think a former Navy SEAL and war veteran would speak out on behalf of the Khan family, who lost their son in the line of duty,” said Kristen Cates, spokesperson for the Montana Democrats. “But Congressman Ryan Zinke is more interested in standing behind an out-of-touch, divisive Presidential candidate than he is standing up for those who bravely sacrificed their lives while serving this great nation.”

 Since the Khan family spoke at the Democratic National Convention, criticizing Trump’s ability to lead, the Republican Presidential candidate has criticized an American Hero both on social media and in the press.

 Many Republicans have cried foul against Trump’s statements, including war hero Republican Sen. John McCain. And now the Veterans of Foreign Wars have decried Trump’s hateful remarks.

“There are certain sacrosanct subjects that no amount of wordsmithing can repair once crossed,” the VFW statement reads.

 Still, Congressman Zinke says nothing.

 “Congressman Zinke’s silence tells you a lot about the values he upholds – service to one’s own self-interests before country,”Cates said. “That is not what makes America great, and that is certainly not what Montanans need in an elected official.”


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