Zinke fudges facts on Medicare question, tries to cover up harmful record

HELENA - Congressman Ryan Zinke is already dodging questions about his support for privatizing Medicare, and hoping 200,000 Montana seniors forget that he has supported U.S. House Speaker Ryan’s plan to increase their health care costs.

As Speaker Ryan prepares to end Medicare in its current form, Congressman Zinke is trying to rewrite his harmful record against Montana seniors.  His office even lied to a reporter saying, “There is currently no plan to phase out Medicare.”  

“What [Zinke] said isn't true,” the reporter wrote.  “There definitely is a plan” by Ryan to phase out Medicare.

This news broke shortly after Speaker Ryan said, “Medicare has serious problems” and then outlined his plan to repeal critical legislation which has improved care for Montana seniors.  

“Just a week after the election, Congressman Zinke is already threatening the health care of our seniors.  He needs to stop hiding from his constituents and answer for his radical plan to privatize Medicare.  It’s clear that he does not stand with Montana seniors,” said Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Nancy Keenan. “His record is crystal clear. He wants to strip a critical safety net for hundreds of thousands of Montanans, and we won’t stand for it.”

Zinke has been extraordinarily clear about his position on turning Medicare into a voucher system. In 2015, the Congressman voted for the Ryan budget which proposed ending Medicare as we know it. [CQ,3/25/15; H. Con Res 27, Vote 142,3/25/15]


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