Zinke Announces Support for Troy Downing for #MTSEN

Lola Zinke, that is. But it’s still pretty significant, given her husband, Secretary of the Interior and former Rep. Ryan Zinke, can’t do any campaign-related activity to avoid violating the Hatch Act.
While her husband has been in the news for other reasons as of late, Lola Zinke announced her support for Downing in two tweets Friday afternoon.

Downing has suggested multiple times that he and Zinke are friends and it wasencouragement from Zinke that got him into the Senate race in the first place. Support from the Zinkes is a huge boost, and will only cause problems for the other candidates in the race.
The already messy primary will get that much messier with the Zinkes behind Downing, proving there really is no clear frontrunner in this race full of tier B and C candidates.



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