While We Wait for Rosendale, Remember: He’s Against Medicaid Expansion and Essential Health Benefits

Helena – It’s been more than a week since the Senate health care bill came out.

Since then, we’ve heard how the bill would tax seniors, how it would lead to 22 million more uninsured people, including 15 million by next year, how it would cut $772 billion from Medicaid, leading to 79,000 Montanans losing health care, and how it would give millionaires and corporations a $541 billion tax cut.
You know what we haven’t heard? A peep from Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale, who, “in a confusing insurance marketplace” is “a voice you can trust.”
We don’t have to do much guessing, however, about whether Rosendale supports the bill. After all, as a state senator he voted against Medicaid expansion, which has brought insurance to 79,000 Montanans.
He also said his issue with the absolutely terrible House health care bill – which he called a“good first step” while even the President called it “mean” – is that it didn’t get rid of essential health benefits like prescription drug coverage or pregnancy and mental health coverage, fast enough.
So, you could see why Rosendale probably supports this bill, which would be absolutely devastating for Montana families. Is that what he told Senators when he was in Washington two weeks ago?



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