While Rosendale Campaigns, Tester Keeps Passing Legislation to Help Veterans

Helena – Matt Rosendale has continued to not do his job all week, calling into Breitbart radio, campaigning in the Flathead, recording videos while driving, and continuing to mislead and making up nonsense about Sen. Jon Tester not working on behalf of veterans.
Meanwhile, Tester had not one, but two bipartisan bills pass unanimously through the Senate yesterday, and now one of them is sitting on President Trump’s desk to be signed, and the other will head there in September after a brief stop in the House. The bills will both help…yep, you guessed it – veterans.
So, for those keeping track – of the Tester bills that have passed through the Senate, three of them have already been signed into law by President Trump, and four of them help…yep, you guessed it – veterans.
Meanwhile, as far as we can tell, the only federal legislation Rosendale has spoken about in recent weeks impacting veterans is a health care plan that could kick 7,000 Montana veterans off their health care plan.
So, as Rosendale continues to mislead Montanans and say whatever he thinks is politically helpful to him, Sen. Tester will just continue to work across the aisle with President Trump to get things done for Montana veterans.



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