While Montanans work, Zinke worries about himself


While Montanans are worrying about their harvests, working hard to put food on the table, and making sure their kids have a backpack full of supplies on the first day of school, Congressman Ryan Zinke continues to be concerned only about himself. 

His latest concern is that his autobiography isn’t quite ready for publication because the U.S. Department of Defense needs to review it to make sure he’s not revealing classified military information.

“I am gravely concerned that the delay in the review is due to political concerns over the content of my book,” Zinke told conservative SOFREP News

 Congressman Zinke accuses the U.S. Department of Defense of playing politics while he’s waiting for his first paycheck for his self-aggrandizing book.

 “It’s a pretty good bet that the Department of Defense has major security issues to deal with right now, rather than vetting Congressman Zinke’s biography,” said Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Nancy Keenan.“Congressman Zinke is more concerned about advancing his own career and profit and doesn't give a rip about the people of Montana.”


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