Which of Gianforte’s Characteristics Makes Him One of Fox’s Greatest Americans?

Helena – Today, at a rally for Greg Gianforte, Attorney General Tim Fox showed up on stage, just the latest in his political maneuvering for higher office, and offered this bizarre assessment of the embattled Gianforte: 

It made us wonder, what, exactly, Fox’s criteria for a great American was.

-    Is it Gianforte’s ability to talk out of both sides of his mouth on health care – telling Montanans one thing while telling Washington lobbyists another?
-    Is it the fact that outside dark money has flooded Montana in an effort to buy Gianforte the House seat?
-    Is it because Gianforte sued the state of Montana to cut off public stream access near his mansion in Bozeman?
-    Or is it the fact that Gianforte wants to put politicians in charge of women’s health care decisions?

Maybe it’s all four!

Of course, we have little way of knowing, because Fox usually keeps quiet unless it suits him politically.



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