Where Was Matt Rosendale Yesterday?

Helena – In the midst of many critical moments that Montanans have needed advocates in keeping health care costs from skyrocketing this year, Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale has been absent. He’s supported policies that would increase premiums and kick people off their health care, and he’s been silent as uncertainty has mounted and health insurance companies considered increasing their health insurance rates.
But yesterday - on perhaps the most important day this year - when health insurance companies in Montana got the okay to raise their rates because Washington is playing politics with their health care, he was literally absent.

According to MTPR’s report, “Montana Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale is at an out-of-state event today and was unavailable for interviews.”
Where is he?
“Unless Matt Rosendale was anywhere other than Washington DC convincing President Trump to reconsider his position that is going to hurt folks in Montana, Rosendale should’ve been in Montana fighting on behalf of Montanans,” said Chris Meagher, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party. “Instead, he was absent, just like he’s been absent in the fight to keep health care costs affordable and accessible for Montanans. Where was Rosendale?”
Remember, just last week, Rosendale was “monitoring the situation” when Blue Cross said they were increasing their healthcare by 23 percent and when Blue Cross sent notices to nearly 7,500 residents in 30 counties statewide saying it will no longer offer Medicare Advantage in 2018 – the commissioner’s response? “We feel for people being harmed by this.”



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