Where is Daines on Health Care?

Helena – While 13 men in the Senate continue to work on a partisan backroom health care deal that will likely do nothing to lower costs and increase accessibility for Montanans, Sen. Steve Daines himself continues to be inaccessible to Montanans on this critical issue.
Only 26 percent of Montanans support the House health care bill, which fails to address the costs of health care, guts Medicaid expansion, and protections for people with pre-existing conditions. All while millionaires would get a tax cut.
Daines, in an article earlier this week titled “Republican Senators Unaware of Health Care Details” (because no one is aware of health care details) said “his voice is being heard, specifically on proposals impacting rural health care.” 
So, if his voice is being heard, what is he saying? And what is the response?
No one knows, because apparently Daines only wants that voice to be heard behind closed doors.
He hasn’t held any public events on health care. He hasn’t held any in-person town halls in the state. He hasn’t posted a press release on health care on his website at any point in the last three weeks. And he apparently isn't eager to talk to Montana media about it.
From MTPR: “We asked Montana’s Republican Senator Steve Daines for an interview on the health bill, but his spokesperson declined.”
He also wouldn’t talk to the Havre Daily News, instead sending his spokesperson out tostretch the truth.
Daines’s spokesperson told the paper that hearings have been “held for seven years about a replacement for the Affordable Care Act.”
The only problem – NO hearings have been held about the bill currently being negotiated, or on the bill that passed the House. In fact, the House didn’t even hold any hearings on the bill that it passed. To say otherwise is simply disingenuous and misleading.


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