What If GOP #MTSen Candidates Dressed Up for Halloween?

Happy Halloween! Have you ever sat down and taken a few minutes to think about what Montana’s GOP candidates for Senate would be if they dressed up for Halloween?
No? Well, lucky for you, we did!

Matt Rosendale – Maryland Crab

You might think we chose Maryland crab because he shuffles back and forth between reality and his out-of-touch political views, but it's really because he's from Maryland. And people from Maryland love their crabs.

Troy Downing – FWP Warden
There’s no doubt that there’d be nothing spookier to Troy Downing - who has had some issues with hunting licenses - than a Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Warden.

Russell Fagg – Explorer
As we all know, Russell Fagg has some, um, ongoing ethics issues with his “exploratory committee” that he had while he was a sitting judge. He was “exploring” since June, whichmeant he could raise secret money and campaign while he was still a judge.

Al Olszewski – Birth Control Pills
Speaking of scared candidates, we imagine Dr. Olszewski would think a package of birth control pills would be absolutely frightening, considering his out-of-touch views on women’s health.

Ronald Murray – Donald Trump

Besides relevancy, there seems to be nothing out there that Ronald Murray wants more than to be just like Donald Trump.


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