WHAT? Gianforte Uses Tele-Town Hall Call To Lie About Sales Tax Record

New Jersey multimillionaire Claims He "Never" Supported Sales Tax, but Previously Called it the "Best Solution" for Montana 

What does a multimillionaire from New Jersey do to explain his record of lobbying for a statewide sales tax while running for governor in a state that overwhelmingly rejects a sales tax?

If you're Greg Gianforte, you just lie about it and hope no one notices.

That's exactly what happened this week, when Gianforte was asked about his support of a sales tax on a tele-town hall with Montana voters. 
“I don’t support a sales tax," Gianforte said before adding, "You know, never have.”

Not quite. Before he was a candidate, Greg Gianforte appeared before the bipartisan Income Tax Advisory Council to recommend imposing a statewide sales tax on hard working, middle-class families and even called a sales tax “the best solution” for Montana.

“It is a fact that Greg Gianforte personally lobbied to impose a statewide sales tax on Montanans and now is he lying to Montanans about it, and hoping his millions will cover up the facts,” said Jason Pitt, a spokesperson for the Montana Democratic party. “Greg Gianforte lobbied to tax everything from groceries to clothing to baby diapers, which smell as bad as Mr. Gianforte's campaign trail lies.”

A 4-percent sales tax (the most currently allowed by Montana's Constitution) would force middle-class Montanans to pay more for the products they purchase each day and provide massive tax giveaways to millionaires like Gianforte.  Steve Bullock has proposed a constitutional amendment prohibiting a statewide sales tax in Montana forever--a proposal Gianforte refuses to support.

Even a right-wing radio host recently confirmed that Gianforte “brought up the possibility” of creating a sales tax in Montana. 

This isn’t the first time Gianforte has been caught lying on the campaign trail about his record.  He lied to Montanans about hiring foreign workerssuing Montanans to eliminate stream accessconversations with Facebookbeing endorsed, and conversations he had with local officials.  

Montanans have already learned not to trust Gianforte when it comes to sales tax, and now they are asking what will he lie about next.

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