Week in Review: Bullock Fights for Public Education, Gianforte is a Threat

Steve Bullock and Melissa Romano Held Teacher Rallies Across the State

Greg Gianforte and Elsie Arntzen are a Threat to Public Education
HELENA -- As the first week of school wraps up, Montana students and teachers were reminded of the stark contrast between fighters for public education: Steve Bullock and Melissa Romano, and those who are a threat to it: Greg Gianforte and Elsie Arntzen.

In Great Falls, Missoula, and Helena, Steve Bullock and Melissa Romano joined Montana teachers and families to rally to protect public education and to highlight their plans to strengthen public schools across Montana. 
Meanwhile, Montana teachers including two Teachers of the Year, had a strong new warning for all Montanans: Greg Gianforte's agenda is a threat to all who benefit from public education.
  • The teachers noted Gianforte’s Petra Academy, a private school which he serves as chairman, called public schools “a failed experiment” in a newsletter.
  • Earlier this year educators criticized Gianforte’s controversial tax plan, which would take away $33 million from local schools to give tax breaks that benefit the wealthy and out-of-state corporations. 
  • In a 2012 interview with KMMS radio, Gianforte called public schools “a monopoly,” further claiming that they do not produce the best product.
  • See a short clip of the event here.

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