VIDEO RELEASE: Gianforte's Lie that Keeps on Growing

The Montana Democratic Party is asking that Montanans share a new video released today to hold New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte accountable for lying about his record of supporting a sales tax. 

Similar to the fictional story "Pinocchio," this video portrays Gianforte's nose growing longer after instances in which he recently lied to Montanans while on the campaign trail:
  • During a campaign event in Belgrade on Monday, Gianforte berated and told a Montanan that he "never advocated for a sales tax."
  • During a tele-town hall event last week, Gianforte told a Montanan that he "never" supported a sales tax. 
The video also includes the audio of when Gianforte lobbied in person to Governor Judy Martz's Income Tax Advisory Council in support of a statewide sales tax and told the Council:
"The best solution, because our competition's at zero income tax rate and zero capital gains, would be to replace the current income capital gains rate with a sales tax."

Greg Gianforte continues to lie to Montanans about his sales tax record. Gianforte sent a fundraising email to supporters and is airing a campaign ad that claims he "never supported a sales tax." 

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