VIDEO RELEASE: Fact-Checked Version of Gianforte Ad

Montana Democrats Fact-Check Gianforte's Promise of a "Different Type of Campaign"

New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte, in his new ad "Different," highlights his campaign promise to run a "different type of campaign." The Montana Democratic Party released a new video today fact-checking this ad with actual newspaper headlines and quotes throughout Gianforte's campaign. 


From taking "Montana politics in an ugly direction" to getting caught for a misleading ad, to his former Chief Financial Officer blowing holes in his main pitch as a job creator, Greg Gianforte sure is running a "different type of campaign."  This should come as no surprise.

Gianforte recently said on a tele-town hall and in a fundraising email to supporters that he "never" supported a sales tax, even though the public record proves otherwise. Gianforte lobbied the state to impose a statewide sales tax on hard working, middle class families. 

Now he's attempting to buy the Governor's Office by dumping over $5 million of his own fortune into his campaign. 

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