VIDEO: Gianforte Dodges Discrimination Question Four Times

Just hours ago New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte attended the Hometown Helena event where he was asked four times about his support for job-killing, pro-discrimination laws similar to North Carolina and Indiana. All four timesGianforte dodged the question by reciting an inaccurate talking point. 

Watch the uncomfortable videos here:

Questions 1 & 2:
Link: HERE.
Questions 3 & 4:
Link: HERE

"This is a simple yes or no question that Greg Gianforte continues to avoid," said Jason Pitt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. "Gianforte has given more than a million dollars to pro-discrimination groups, including a known hate-group and organizations that promote the widely-discredited practice of gay conversion therapy.  It's about time Gianforte comes clean with Montanans since he is asking for their vote."

As Gianforte attempts to mislead Montanans, just look at his past to understand why he supports job-killing, pro-discrimination laws:

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