Under Gianforte Montana Would Look a lot Like Kansas

Gianforte's Budgeting Plans are Dangerously Similar to Kansas Gov. Brownback

Gianforte Would Put Montana's Balanced Budget in the Red and Devastate our Economy

We already know that New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte's drastic spending plan would put Montana's balanced budget into the red. And to learn what this would mean for Montana's economic stability, just look at what it did to Kansas under Governor Sam Brownback:
  • Giant tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of low income families - LINK.
  • Budget deficit of $800 million - LINK
  • Credit downgrades - LINK
  • Thousands of job losses and slower job growth - LINK
  • Unprecedented cuts to education to fill budget gaps - LINK

"Greg Gianforte embracing the same failed economic policies that devastated Kansas is flat out dangerous for Montana," said Jason Pitt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. "Under Governor Bullock Montana's budget is balanced and our economy is growing. Yet, Gianforte would gamble it all away just to give himself and his millionaire and billionaire buddies a tax break."

Only Gianforte's reckless agenda stands to benefit from his plan to turn Montana's budget surplus into a deficit. The tax bills SB171, SB200, and HB166, that Gianforte supports, would benefit mostly the wealthy at the expense of middle class families. Governor Bullock already eliminated the business equipment tax for thousands of Montana small and medium sized businesses. Now Gianforte wants to take the remaining revenue away from the state and give it to multimillion dollar corporations.

Gianforte's reckless agenda would have a devastating effect on state's credit ratings and fiscal strength. Under Governor Bullock, Montana was named the most fiscally prudent state in the country and the sixth best state in the nation for business tax climate. 

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