Trump, Zinke, Gianforte not good for Montana women

HELENA – When it comes to valuing issues important to women, Republican Presidential front-runner Donald Trump just doesn’t.

A recent New York Times article highlights his troubling history with respect to women. And now he’s coming to Montana, where his two biggest fans, Ryan Zinke and Greg Gianforte, intend to voice support of this guy as their nominee.

It’s worth remembering in addition to Trump, Zinke and Gianforte have terrible records on women’s issues.

Zinke has repeatedly voted to defund Planned Parenthood completely or in part since taking office.

New Jersey multi-millionaire Greg Gianforte has given more than $2 million to anti-choice advocacy groups such as the Montana Family Foundation and anti-choice pregnancy centers, which give false information to limit pregnant women’s options.

Zinke doesn’t really believe women in the military are his equal. He introduced a “reckless” amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that he now doesn’t support that would require women to register for the draft.

When it comes to supporting women and hard-working families economically, neither Zinke or Gianforte have done anything to move the needle on equal pay.

 Zinke campaigned on equal pay for equal work, but has voted numerous times against equal pay and paycheck fairness.

Gianforte has previously given donations to more than 15 Republican legislators such as Elsie Arntzen and Matt Rosendale who blocked Montana’s Paycheck Fairness Act in the last legislative session.

“Ryan Zinke and Greg Gianforte are hitching their wagon to a Presidential candidate who has repeatedly made disparaging remarks about women,” said Nancy Keenan, executive director for the Montana Democratic Party. “Donald Trump doesn’t value women, let alone women’s healthcare and the contributions women make to the overall economy of this state and country. Neither do Ryan Zinke and Greg Gianforte.”

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