Tim Fox (Still) Has Some Questions to Answer About Gianforte’s Assault Charge

Helena – As Attorney General Tim Fox continues his silence about the assault charge facing Greg Gianforte, the Montana Democratic Party is calling on him to answer some important lingering questions. Fox endorsed Gianforte’s candidacy, calling him one of the greatest Americans he’s ever met, but hasn’t said a peep since the assault.
According to Montana law, it is the duty of the attorney general to exercise supervisory powers over county attorneys in “all matters pertaining to the duties of their office.”

Some questions:

  • Can we take Tim Fox’s silence to mean he thinks it was okay that Greg Gianforte bodyslammed another person to the ground?
  • Does he think the assault charge was appropriate?
  • Did he encourage the sheriff to investigate a potential crime of leaving the scene when Gianforte left in the middle of the investigation?
  • Has he talked to the prosecuting attorney, to the sheriff in charge of the case, or has he otherwise inquired about the status of the investigation into Gianforte’s actions?

“No one knows the answers to these important questions, because Tim Fox refuses to speak out about Greg Gianforte’s assault,” said Chris Meagher, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party. “Will Fox ever begin to show leadership and condemn the violent and aggressive behavior from Gianforte?”


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