The man Congressman Zinke wants for president just called veterans 'weak'

From 10/3/16

HELENA – It’s starting to sound like a broken record.

Donald Trump says something horrendous about our veterans – calling soldiers with PTSD “weak” this time – and Congressman Ryan Zinke continues to double down on his support.

“How could a veteran like Congressman Zinke – someone who has built his brand on his military service – stand alongside Donald Trump as he denigrates the brave men and women suffering the unseen wounds of war?” said Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Nancy Keenan.

Just to re-cap, here are some of the horrible things Trump has said about our veterans:

Just to re-cap, here is a reminder about Congressman Zinke’s own bad record on veterans:

  • Congressman Zinke demeans veterans who earn benefits. It was reported in 2014 that he receives approximately $1,950 per month in benefits, in addition to his pension, however he told the Billings Gazette that he worries about the “economic slavery” of accepting government services. [Billings Gazette, 3/29/16]
  • Congressman Zinke Voted Against Providing $15 Million in Added Funding for Veteran Health Services: Congressman Zinke voted against an amendment that would to provide $15 million in additional funds for the Veterans Health Administration Medical Services account. [CQ, 4/30/15; H.R. 2029, Vote 192,4/30/15]

  • Even after he was called out for stumping for Trump, Congressman Zinkedoubled-down on his pro-Trump comments. “Mr. Trump has good policies,” Zinkesaid. [Missoulian 8/11/16]

  • Montana veterans have called on Congressman Zinke to “disavow” Trump and the horrendous remarks he’s made about veterans on the front steps of the Montana Capitol building. [GF Tribune 8/18/16]

“Donald Trump has nothing to offer this country’s veterans and Congressman Zinkeshould be ashamed of himself for even thinking Trump can lead. Montanans value real leadership and Congressman Zinke continues to follow a destructive demagogue,"Keenan said. “Congressman Zinke’s silence clearly shows us he’s looking for a job with Trump and not willing to represent Montanans. We need to fire both of them.”


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