The Cost of Gianforte's Sales Tax on Working Montana Families

34 Things Gianforte Wants to Raise Taxes on

Today marks 34 days until Election Day. That's 34 more days of New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte continuing to mislead voters, trying to hide his past support for a statewide sales tax, pretending that he didn’t say it was the “best solution” for Montana. (He did.)  

So, for the next 34 days, we are launching a social media campaign highlighting the everyday things Montanans would have to pay more for under Gianforte’s “best solution” for Montana--a statewide sales tax. We’re asking all Montanans to use the hashtag “#SalesTaxGreg” to help us share it with friends and followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

What would Greg Gianforte’s statewide sales tax mean for Montana?

It means hard-working middle-class Montana families would pay more for day-to-day items like groceries, clothes, and school supplies--all subject to a statewide general sales tax. And what for? So that millionaires and large out-of-state companies can get another tax giveaway.

Greg Gianforte believes millionaires like himself should play by a different set of rules than the rest of us. Under a statewide sales tax, the wealthiest Montanans pay less while hard-working families pay more.

From families looking to buy winter jackets to hunters gearing up for hunting season, hard-working Montanans that are already paying their fair share shouldn't have to pay more.

With the first day of general hunting season around the corner, our first graphic is all too appropriate. Again, please share with your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #SalesTaxGreg.

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