Tester and Bullock Advocate Bipartisan Solutions While Daines Plays Politics

Helena – This week, the Senate is voting on plans to repeal and (maybe) replace the current health care system. While Steve Daines and his party bosses in the Senate have opted for a partisan, go-it-alone approach to debilitating 1/6th of the U.S. economy, Jon Tester and Steve Bullock are advocating for bipartisan, commonsense solutions that reduce costs and increase access to comprehensive care.
Jon has repeatedly argued Congress should “work to fix what's wrong with the current health care system in a bipartisan way,” telling PBS,  “This country was built by people working together. Washington, D.C., is far, far, far too partisan. And we need to start working together.” Jon has introduced a number of bills that will reduce costs, hold drug companies accountable, and bring doctors to rural hospitals in Montana.
Similarly, Governor Bullock has also advocated for a bipartisan approach to repairing our nation’s health care system. He has helped organize governors from around the country and across the political spectrum in a series of joint letters arguing for bipartisan solutions to America’s health care challenges.
These attempts are in sharp contrast to the partisanship of Montana’s junior Senator, Steve Daines. Daines continues to vote along party lines and play politics instead of working to find solutions for Montanans. Last night, he proposed a time-wasting amendment he doesn’t even support just to “put Senators on the record.”  Not surprisingly, not a single Senator voted for it. And let’s not forget that weeks ago, Daines fought to cancel August recess because he and his party bosses argued they need more time to do their jobs for the American people.
“While Senator Steve Daines is busy playing politics with the health of Montanans, Jon and Steve continue to fight for working families and offer bipartisan solutions to improve our health care system,” said Nancy Keenan, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Health care isn’t a political football—people’s lives are at stake. It’s shameful that Senator Daines refuses to join Jon and Steve in working together to improve the health of folks across our state.”


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