Ten Questions For Dark Money Daines

HELENA - As Senator Steve Daines and his Republican party pals get ready to host a press conference with an out-of-state special interest group, here are ten questions the no-show Senator should answer.

  1. Did you coordinate with the D.C.-based Judicial Crisis Network to place nearly half a million dollars worth of political ads on Montana airwaves?

  2. Do you support dark money special interests groups spending hundreds of thousands of dollars  to try to influence Montanans’ opinions of Judge Neil Gorsuch?

  3. Do you think groups like the Judicial Crisis Network should disclose their donors?

  4. Will you cosponsor Senator Tester's campaign finance legislation that will force dark money groups like the Judicial Crisis Network to disclose their donors?

  5. Who is funding the Judicial Crisis Network ads in Montana?

  6. Why did you refuse to even meet with Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland, especially given that Senator Tester welcomed Judge Gorsuch to his office for a meeting less than a week after he was nominated for the Supreme Court?

  7. Do you agree with President Trump’s characterization of Judge James Robart, appointed by President George W. Bush, as a “so-called judge?”

  8. Why do you have time to hold a press conference with a Washington, D.C. special interests group, but you don’t have time to hold a town hall with Montanans?

  9. What did you think of all the protesters who greeted you at the Bozeman airport?

  10. Why did  you reschedule your speech to the Montana Legislature after learning that hundreds of your constituents were preparing to greet you on the Capitol steps?

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