Series Continues: Gianforte Brings Clouds on Sunshine Week

Day 3: BREAKING - Montana receives "A" rating for election transparency yet Gianforte tried to kill the Disclose Act

Greg Gianforte Should be Honest With Montanans

This week Montana received an "A" rating in a scorecard measuring states's campaign transparency, this was in large part due to Governor Bullock's Disclose Act.

However, Greg Gianforte continues to hide his disapproval of this legislation and he even donated $674,557 to groups working to kill the Disclose Act.

As Montanans celebrate Sunshine Week and the bipartisan Disclose Act, the new Montana law championed by Governor Steve Bullock to bring more transparency to elections, Gianforte continues to duck reporters and mislead Montanans about his out-of-the-mainstream agenda.

Read the Montana Public Radio story here:

Montana Scores Well In National Campaign Contribution Disclosure Test
Montana Public Radio // Corin Cates-Carney

Montana got an “A” rating today in a scorecard measuring disclosure and transparency requirements for contributions to state campaigns.

Montana fared better than most states in the scorecard released by the National Institute on Money in State Politics.

The scorecard looked at what kind of information was disclosed about campaign donors, the timeliness and quality of that data, and the public’s access to it.

Montana received a score of 92.5 out of 100. The national average was 77.

“Montana has made some really big strides.”

That’s Research Director Peter Quist. He says if this scorecard had been given out last year, Montana would have received a “C” rating.

But Quist says parts of Disclose Act signed into law by Governor Steve Bullock last April pushed Montana among the ten states with an “A” rating.

The Disclose Act added restrictions on coordination between candidates and outside organizations, disclosure of donors and spending, and same-day electronic disclosures of campaign contributions.

“And so Montana got a full score for electronic filing requirement and a full score for data availability.”

The Disclose Act is being challenged in federal court by Montanans for Community Development.

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