Senate Candidate Fagg Lawyers Up to Face Ethics Charge

Helena – Russell Fagg has hired an attorney to help him mount a legal challenge to a complaint that he broke federal campaign law, according to the Billings Gazette.
Fagg lawyering up is the latest development in an ethics scandal that has plagued him for four months as he raised money from secret donors to fund his shadow campaign while he was still a sitting judge.
He has been taken to task for his shadow campaign, with Darrell Ehrlick, editor of the Billings Gazette asking: “If we cannot trust what he says while he's in a job that has a strict canon of ethics and rules, what is going to make Fagg more trustworthy when and if he moves from the bench to the U.S. Senate?”
The National Journal also picked up on the news Friday that Fagg had hired legal representation.
The development comes just a couple of weeks after Fagg flubbed his campaign rollout, which featured Fagg asking a reporter to “gently phrase” how few people showed up at his campaign stop in Bozeman.


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