Senate Candidate Al Olszewski Gets Endorsement From a Birther

Helena – Paul Vallely, a retired Deputy Commanding General in the Army and noted birther, has endorsed Dr. Al Olszewski for U.S. Senate, according to a radio interviewFriday.
On Voices of Montana, Olszewski reciprocated appreciation for Vallely. “Paul is a resource,” Olszewski said. “And, he's just a gem for us, especially here in Montana.”
Not sure what resources Vallely is providing Olszewski, exactly, but his history of questioning President Obama’s birthplace makes us wonder.
In 2010 Vallely supported U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Terrence Lee Lakin’s birther claims. Lakin refused to deploy to Afghanistan because Lakin claimed Obama had no legitimacy as commander in chief.
“I think many in the military – and many out of the military – question the natural-birth status of Barack Obama,” Vallely was quoted as saying at the time.
No word yet on whether Dr. O is a supporter of the birther movement.


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