Sen. Daines Vote to Sell Montanans Internet Privacy Attacked by Montana Republicans

Budget Amendment from GOP Legislator Aims to Protect Montanans from Sen. Daines Self-Serving Vote

HELENA -- Members of Sen. Steve Daines own political party are now cleaning up the mess he made when he voted to sell off Montanan's internet privacy

This morning, Sen. Ryan Osmundson (R - Buffalo) offered an amendment to the budget bill, HB 2, that would appropriate $7,500 from the General Fund to the Department of Administration to prohibit telecommunications or Internet Service Providers from collecting Montanan's personal information without their consent.

"Even members of Sen. Daines own political party recognize that selling our personal information to corporations is wrong," said Nancy Keenan, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. "Daines has a long record of putting himself and big corporations before Montanans, add this vote to the list."

Sen. Osmundson's amendment passed unanimously. 

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