Rosendale’s Dangerous Prescription Drug Record

Helena – Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale spoke last week on prescription drug prices at the Montana Chamber Health Care Forum.
But unfortunately for Montanans, Rosendale has voted time and time again to remove consumer protections and raise costs on vulnerable Montanans, while he has supported policies that would roll back prescription drug coverage requirements.
As Insurance Commissioner, Rosendale has called for a repeal of the current health care law without a replacement.
Repealing the current health care law would:

In the legislature, Rosendale voted against a bipartisan bill to expand Medicaid, which providied low-income Montanans with affordable drug treatment options. He also voted against studying the effects of prescription drug abuse in Montana, voted against making it a crime to lie to get a prescription for a dangerous drug, and he opposed funding for the Montana Prescription Drug Registry, which helps combat opioid abuse by assisting police in drug investigations.
“For years, Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale has supported policies that make health care more expensive for Montana’s families and seniors,” said Chris Meagher, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party. “Rosendale either doesn’t understand his job or he doesn’t seem to really care about the high prescription drug prices Montanans face.”



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