Rosendale’s Announcement Met With a Mixed Bag of “Meh”

Helena – Yesterday, Matt Rosendale announced he was running for U.S. Senate. No one was surprised, of course, considering this will be the fifth time he’s run for office in seven years.
While we were waiting for him to decide, Montana Republicans didn’t have any nice things to say about him in a Roll Call story:

  • “If you’re the most well-known in a pack of people that no one knows, does that really make you the guy to watch?”
  • There’s disagreement about whether Rosendale fits the bill. He moved to the state in the early 2000s, and has been ribbed for having a Maryland accent
  • “The more crowded this is, the worse off it’s going to get,” a Republican operative said.

And now that he’s announced his decision, those observations are ringing true, with stories full of comments about his Maryland background, about being a back-up, back-up choice for the GOP, about his constant pursuit for another office, his campaign, and more. Check it out:

KZBK on Rosendale running…again (click for video)


Dr. David Parker on Rosendale’s issues (click for video)

 MTN on Maryland: Rosendale, originally from Maryland, moved to Montana in 2002, after buying a ranch north of Glendive.
Roll Call on Maryland: Rosendale isn’t without liabilities. He only moved to the state in the early 2000s, from Maryland.
The Hill on Rosendale’s debt: Rosendale won't have to file a fundraising report until October, but he has an active account left over from his 2014 bid for the House, in which he lost to Zinke. He has about $5,000 in his campaign account but still remains about $217,000 in debt from that race. 

Bozeman Daily Chronicle on Maryland and Rosendale’s pursuit of office: Rosendale is originally from Maryland and moved to Montana about 20 years ago. He served in the Montana House in 2010, followed by two Montana Senate terms. He began his current role as state auditor in 2016.
MTN on top choices declining: GOP Attorney General Tim Fox declined last month to get into the race, and former U.S. Rep. Ryan Zinke was expected to take on Tester in 2018 until he became U.S. Interior secretary under Trump.

Associated Press on the growing GOP list: Rosendale joins a growing list of Republicans who have announced their candidacy or their interest in the Senate post.

MTN on the crowded field: In addition to Rosendale, three lesser-known Republicans have said they’re in the race: State Sen. Al Olszewski of Kalispell, Big Sky businessman Troy Downing and Belgrade business owner Ron Murray…State District Judge Russell Fagg of Billings also is considering the race. He has formed an exploratory committee to run for office and plans to resign his judicial post in October. 



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