Rosendale: Voted Against Medicaid Expansion

Helena – Wealthy real estate developer Matt Rosendale, as a state legislator, voted against Medicaid expansion, which has helped nearly 80,000 people receive health insurance in Montana.
It’s also made a big impact in other ways – like fighting drug addiction in Montana and keeping veterans out of prison.
At a summit in Helena Tuesday, District Court Judge Greg Pinski said that Medicaid expansion has made a big difference in fighting drug addiction in Montana. The judge runs drug treatment courts for veterans and adults in Cascade County.
The treatment court costs less than sending a person to prison, and has only a 3 percent recidivism rate, according to an MTPR report. And Pinksi said the drug treatment program – funded by Medicaid expansion – has a lot to do with people’s success in staying out of prison, which costs $42,000 annually, per person.
“Medicaid expansion has been absolutely critical,” Pinski said.
We’d be interested to hear Rosendale’s explanation for why he voted against programs that help veterans and Montanans fighting drug addictions, but our fear is he wouldn’t understand what he’s talking about, or that his explanation would just contradict his earlier actions in an effort to play his political games.


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